The American based tech giant Adobe has come up with a new Artificial intelligence software that can now detect the fake photographed images. They have collaborated with researchers from the University of California to emerge an Artificial Intelligence tool. This tool can detect facial maneuver created through Photoshop. It is undeniable to say that we have been coming up with a myriad of news of faking photographs on the internet. This has given air to a plethora of nuisance in the society.

To detect and stop such activities, companies are exploring ways to curb this societal enemy. In recent research, titled as Detecting Photoshopped Faces they have explained how AI can be helpful in detecting the Photoshopped image done with the help of the tool called Face-Aware Liquify.

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Adobe New AI Detects Fake Photographed Images

Adobe notices that these feature effects are possibly delicate. Thus, it made an appealing test case for detecting both radical and subtle alterations to images. In addition to this, they also mentioned, this tool is also used to make alterations to facial features and facial expressions.

In a blog post published by Adobe, they mentioned the following. 

“While we are proud of the impact that Photoshop and Adobe’s other creative tools have made on the world, we also recognize the ethical implications of our technology.” 

Detect fake images by Adobe
Image Credit Adobe

Thus, Adobe literally understands the sensitivity of the situation of creating a fake image and they want it to be stopped by any means. Moreover, it is being progressively pressed issue and it must be sorted out as quickly as possible.

To get rid of the situation, Adobe was working on a neural network. Finally, they have successfully trained a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). This CNN is in the form of deep learning and trained on the data of paired faces with the help of Face Liquify feature. The motive was to detect manipulated audio, images, videos, documents, etc. To test that it actually works, they selected a random subset of photos for training. Furthermore, to modify images that were mixed into the data set, Adobe hired an artist.

In the meantime, Adobe researcher OliverWang quoted the following.

“We started by showing image pairs (an original and an alteration) to people who knew that one of the faces was altered,”

Additionally, this methodology would only be successful if it is able to percept better than the human eye.

Adobe got Success in Identifying almost all image used for testing

The AI performed exceptionally well in the test phase. It detected almost all of the fake and modified image done through photoshop. In the research conducted by Adobe, the result was not in the favour of human perception. It showed, humans were only able to detect the fake faces 53% of the time, while AI correctly identified 99% of them. What was even more surprising to see that the AI was able to undo the changes. Thus, reverting the modified images to its original one quite impressive Adobe well done!


No doubt, AI is definitely the future and will play a dominating role in every aspect of society. Companies like Adobe which is farsighted believes the same. Therefore, they are putting so much effort in developing new AI which can detect fake Photographed images of Photoshop.

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