Nowadays, Social Media have become an important part of our daily life. It helps us to connect with anyone at any time across the world and because of this we put in a lot of hours of a day in it. We share almost every, private and financial details of us on it. That’s why hackers choose social sites for hacking because they get each and every detail of the user easily. This post will concenter 7 ways how hackers hack social media account and give you the ways to protect yourself.

How Hacker Hack Social Media?

Nowadays people are not aware of hacking so much and how to protect themselves that’s why they get hacked. Only a few people are there who know about cybersecurity. So, today in this post I will tell you about the common attacks used by the hackers to hack social media accounts and How to protect yourself from them.

1) Man In Middle Attack

In this attack hacker privately steal the conformation between the sender and the receiver without their knowledge. The user thinks that they are communicating privately with each other but hacker secretly relays and possibly alter their communication without their knowledge.

For eg: BurpSuite is the most common tool is used to perform a man in the middle attack. What Burpsuite do, It intercepts between the machine and the server and holds the request with it and check all the details which machine is requesting to the server and in some cases, it can also alter it and request for another thing with the server. Basically, it fools the machine and the server.

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man in middle attack
Man in the middle attack

How to protect yourself from this attack?

  • Use Antivirus with a good firewall which can detect fake user
  • Use VPN for private network
  • Proxy Server to access the network

2) Phishing

Phishing is the most common and most effective hacking used by hackers for many years. In phishing hacker makes the replica of some social media login page and then share them with the victim and when victim login in that page then It’s username and password redirects to the hacker’s machine.

There are many chances to get hacked by this terminology if a user doesn’t have basic knowledge of the internet. Mostly hackers make a replica of the social media login page. This attack needs patience and good skills for making the victim login from your duplicate page.

 for phishing to hack social media

How to protect yourself from this attack?

  • Always check the URL before login
  • Login by writing your social media name on google
  • You must use a good browser which has the capability to identify fake pages
  • Do not login through emails and the messages

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3) Keylogging

Keylogging is the easiest way to hack social media. A key logger is a software made by the hackers to trace or record the keys of the keyboard pressed by the user and then it automatically makes the file of it and sends it to hackers machine through internet. It is the most efficient way from this technique hacker can hack even computer experts because this can be download from anywhere.

 key logging to hack account

How to protect yourself from this attack?

  • Use good antivirus 
  • Download software from trusted sites only
  • Scan Every external drive before using

4) Browser Password

Usually, we save our account password and credit card details in the browser. Anyone can check those details from our browser password manager and steal those. A hacker can get physical access of your laptop through social engineering and can extract all passwords from a USB device called Rubber Ducky. Hacker can also put an extension in your laptop through the internet and can extract all your passwords and device data this also happened with one of the friends and then he got blackmailed by the hacker.

 password hack for social media

How to protect yourself from this attack?

  • Do not share your personal information with your friends
  • Do not share your laptop with anyone
  • Don’t save your password in your laptop

5) Social Engineering 

Social Engineering is the basic technique to collect information from the victim as much as you can. For eg, a friend asks the password from his friends and got that than it is also called social engineering. Hacker asks information like name, date of birth, first school, pet name, phone number, etc.. and by using this information he/she will crack into your social account.

social engineering
Social Engineering

How to protect yourself from this attack?

  • Never share your personal information with anyone
  • Do not trust any person or link easily

6) DNS Spoofing

This can be possible if user and hacker are on the same network. In this hacker can replace the page of the victim’s machine with a fake page and can easily gain credentials of the user social account with that.

 dns spoofing
DNS Spoofing

How to protect yourself from this attack?

  • Manage your DNS server
  • Manage your firewall securely

7) Session Hijacking 

This attack uses your saved cookies from your browser. When user login from the laptop then server and your machine maintain a session between them and those session details saved into your browser cookies. Hackers hack those cookies to get the credentials and your extensions also have access to those cookies, So choose your extension carefully.

 session hijacking for social media hacking
Session Hijacking

How to protect yourself from this attack?

  • Do not use any public wifi
  • Clean your cookies in every 4-5 days

These were the most common techniques used by hackers to hack social media account. Hope you are now well aware of these and know how to keep yourself safe.


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